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My Pony OC: Pony Form by SachiChan01

The pony creator is not art. This is simply a game is not counted as original work. Any one could make this , making it very unoriginal...


*snaps fingers and comes in like a gangster movie villian*
Sat Mar 21, 2015, 7:13 AM
Wed Feb 4, 2015, 5:39 PM
Tue Feb 3, 2015, 9:37 PM
you guys are crazy. I love you all!
Thu Jan 22, 2015, 10:45 PM
My gallbladder was successfully removed! Now I must deal with recovery pain\
Mon Nov 24, 2014, 10:38 AM
FFffffiiiirrrmmmly grasp it...
Thu Oct 16, 2014, 6:38 AM
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Donated blood again! Pint four!
Tue Nov 13, 2012, 4:40 PM
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I find this highly illogical... ;P
Wed Jul 25, 2012, 2:03 PM



…….T is making me tired. 
and Hairy.
I cannot eat sandwiches without thinking about Bready
Happy Birthday Arecu!!!
You're great girl, and you make me so happy. I could have never asked for anyone better. I am glad I got to share one of the years of your life with you, and I look forward to many more. 
I love you Arecuthepyro!
(I'll change my name to that, I like how it sounds, and I'm sure you'll like it too)
Love you~

Should I dp a comic based on FNAF? 

5 deviants said NOPE. Do one teaching us about LGBT issues
3 deviants said Yes! Do one on the five children!
2 deviants said Yes! Do one based on each animatronic and their personality!
2 deviants said Yes! Do one on the toy animatronics
2 deviants said Freddy is the best animatronic.
1 deviant said No, do something else (comment below)
No deviants said foxyfoxyfoxy-NO IM NOT DOING ONE ON FOXY
No deviants said Nah, do one based on sky rim and a flamboyant shepard!
No deviants said Nah, do one based on cartoonchick123!

The story of Mangle (edited)

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 6, 2015, 1:47 AM

Be Proud!

the story of mangle

Not all stories of animals are happy and fluffy. In fact, thats the story behind a lot of shelter animals. They are broken but not beyond repair. The story of Mangle is just like so many others, but her rescue nor her owner was anything you'd expect. 
This is the story of Mangle.

A ball python was given to a man from his elderly neighbor who had to go to a nursing home because he could not see well enough to care for a his pets or himself . The man was forced to own it, and he took it home. The man wasn't very nice to others, and he wasn't very nice to mangle. 
A rough month later, She saw him gathering up a few items and driving away in a hurry while he yelled "so long" some time ago. the lights went out. The water stopped dripping from the sink. She enjoyed the peace, but the cold winter crept in… Minnesota winters weren't warm, and the girl learned that the hard way. She curled up under the newspaper and tried to keep warm. 

Otuside of the home was a little girl and her father playing outside. She squealed happily as she and her daddy built a snow man. She stopped and talked to her daddy. 
"papa, wheres Steve? I haven't seen him…"
The father knelt and answered her. "He did some bad things. "
"I hope his snake is okay… it looked like he was friendly. We have one at school named Rosy and-"
Her father was startled and interrupted her.
"theres an animal in there?" 
"Is it okay papa?"
"I need to call the police… hopefully its okay."
"Oh papa! we need to save the snaky!"
The police were called and broke down the door.
"oh no" the little snake thought. "he's back…"
She curled up tighter to hide. "Minneappolis police department. We have a seizure warrant!" 
This was a different voice than she heard. It was from a type of person called a "woman". She heard another called a "man". She peeked out in curiosity. Then, her lid was opened and she was picked up by two hands. She was held close to the woman's body. it was …. warm.
"Base to unit 22. We have a ball python on the property left behind. We will need to take it on Exigent circumstances. 10-2. Abandonment." 
The man spoke into the tiny plastic case on his chest.
"We have received reports he was arrested in Nebraska. He has been extradited and will be charged." Another voice echoed from it. 
"Its not venomous. Its a ball python. They are very gentle in nature and are very sweet. Roger, contact the MSPCA." 
The man replied "sire thing Carol. I'll get them on the phone…" 
The woman took her to the cruiser and wrapped her in a sweater. The man returned and turned the heat up high. 
"They advise to keep it warm. Its amazing he's okay. The shelter is just a few miles away."
"copy that"
The little girl was mesmerized. She was being held… she was warm… she was…. safe. Something she hasn't felt for so long…
"There it is. Roger, go in and see what they have to say."
He walked into the building and came out with a few other people. 
Another woman spoke up. "We do not handle reptiles unfortunately.. However, we know where to take him. It is close by. Called the Minnesota herpetological society. Heres their address."
The woman apologized once again and sent the officers to the society. She called them to let them know they were on their way with a snake in critical condition. 

The officers arrived at their next destination with Veterinarians rushing to help. They took the tiny snake and let the officers go. 
"we'll do everything we can to save it. Thank you…"
"Let us know if he makes it. We must go now."
The police left and the vets went straight to work. The girl was put in a warm box and was given water. The vets noticed some abnormalities, but despite them, she was happy to be in a safe place. 
Another man talked to a woman who were called veterinarians. "he's in great health. All this tests were negative. He's just a bit cold. ITs amazing he's okay." 
"Ah yes, he'll be given a much better home than  his previous owner"  In an attempt to correct them, she opened her mouth… and all that came out was a yawn. She flicked her tongue cutely and continued to rest on the vet's arm. 
"hehehe.. I love it when they yawn. He's a perfect candidate for adoption." 
The man turned to the little girl on the vet's arm. "He's going to have a much better home, I hope."
She was placed in her cage once again where she could be warmed. She slept peacefully in the hide given to her. 
The next day, she was placed into a plastic box and taken to the University of Minnesota along with many other reptiles like her.
They arrived and the reptiles and her were taken to a table at the back of a massive room. She hid out of anxiety, but kept her head peeked out to view the passers. As time passed, people came in from all directions. They seemed friendly and were  busy admiring the reptiles in her boxes. Most the people passed her without a second thought. Except for one person. A young man with a black hat looked at her excitedly. She stared at him curiously. The young man received a piece of paper and scribbled information down on it. She was confused…." What was he doing? He wouldn't care for me anyway… Im just like another snake…" She curled up again and rested.  About 35 minutes passed until she was picked up again. She was examined and determined to be female.

45 minutes later, the room began to bustle with action. The man from before had another piece of paper and scribbled down more data. He smiled at her. "My, aren't you precious." She was honored to be called such an endearing word. She hadn;t heard one in ages…
more time passed and the room went quiet again. "Adoptions will commence at this  time." An older gentleman announced over the crowd. 
The little girl sat there and stayed there. "no one would want me, I have dents… I can forget about hearing #6 being called…" She went back into a sleep until she was awaken by "…has decided that he is well suited for adopting #6." 
Her heart skipped a beat. "Someone… picked ME?" The same man approached her and went to pick her up. "Im going to name you Mangle… and you are precious." The man warmly told her. She was put into a pillow case and into a cage where she was taken 93 miles away to a magical place called wisconsin. 
She was placed in a big cage and explored around. The air was warm… The moisture was nice, but not too bad. "this… is my new home?" She crawled around until she layer eyes on a hide. Seeing her chance, she crawled into it and snuggled up…
Three days later, the man opened the cage. Mangle cringed a bit because of him still being a stranger. However, she released he was nice. She let her curiosity get the best of her and she proceeded to explore his arms. 
"Welcome to your new home Mangle. I promise I will take care of you… and never leave you." 
She was shocked… No one in her life told her that she was welcomed or cared for…
"you're in good hands now sweetie." 
She pushed against his chest to thank him and to warm up. 
Over the next month, her new father gave her loving attention. He couldn't get her to eat, but made sure she was warm. He would pick her up and cradle her like a baby. Then, Mangle heard three words she never heard before: "I love you."
She was at a place to call her own. This was what home was. This is where she was loved, where she was held, where she could have a loving father. This was the place she dreamed of for so long. No longer would she have to spend any night cold or sad. She was taken in and beloved. She was not just a pet, she felt like a daughter to the man. He loved her like one. She was free at last… She was home. And hope had finally shone through the dark cave. She was in a place of safety. And her future was restored to hope. The next twenty years would be best years of her life.
And that was the story of Mangle.

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